Process post 1:
Last week, I had gone outside to buy a VR headset from a complete stranger. We had gotten connected through Craigslist when I found his post. The interaction we had was very enjoyable, as we talked about our current jobs and studies, his career goals, and what I wanted to do with the headset I was buying. Compared to online interaction, I felt cornered. In online interaction, a person could leave whenever they wanted, or type what they want with little to no consequence. However, this interaction was in-person. I couldn’t just leave the conversation comfortably without the proper conversation even though the guy is a stranger to me.

A stranger could be someone that you don’t know much about, but I would consider a stranger to be someone that you don’t care about or someone that you don’t ever think about. This man was a complete stranger to me, yet I felt that this interaction was more than just a simple chat, like what could happen online. The effect of the in-person conversation had me feeling engaged, partly because I was stuck in the conversation. I felt the need to discuss because I was in front of this person and available to talk.

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