Mini assignment #2

Hey guys! I’m your guest writer today I guess. Guest author? Haha, anyways, so like uh… Yeah, let’s get started. Oh, I’m Spiderman.

In my line of work, I get caught up in a lot of sticky situations. Because of that, I find lots of cool things and ways to take pictures of them when I’m just hanging around. Seb, I can call him Seb right? So Seb asked me to talk about macro photography and getting the right angles, even when you have to get into uncomfortable positions.

Seb gave me an example:

I mean, I’m no real spider, but that’s a nice bug…

Seb said that this dragonfly was sitting on the edge of a pond at the bottom of a steep 4-foot high slope from a path. He slid down to the bank to get this photo, risking getting wet, but I guess it was worth it?

You see, sometimes when I need to get the right shot that feels right, I have to hang off a building or something. But normal people can’t do that, so you should do what you can to get the shot, as long as you’re not risking your safety.

So that’s one reason to make an effort to get the right angle. The second reason is to give yourself every opportunity to find a perspective that most people aren’t familiar with. This would give people something interesting to look at, give them something that makes the world look interesting.

Thanks for reading! Im gonna go off to practice shooting random people! Wait! Not like that! Like pictures, not like shooting like guns shooting. I wouldn’t do that….. ’cause like, I’m Spiderman.


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